12Society – Box #2 review



Here it is, long waited box #2.

Seems weird isn’t it? especially compared to the last box. Let’s get down to business shall we?


12Society – monthly subscription for men looking for style and deals


Subscription based deals are getting pretty popular even for guys. 12 Society puts an extra touch with celebrity power, guys we might actually like. Here’s a quick review of the very first box from 12 Society

12 Society is a Lifestyle subscription which brings cool items selected by sports/entertainment celebrity picked themselves.

 The box looks simple and sleek. Big bold branding right on top of the box made sure to let people know where it was coming from.

As soon as you open the box, you are greeted with this. It starts with a welcome message and rest covered with each celebrity’s photo and their choice of product.

As you remove the black paper, the goodies pop out.

And here they are.

1. Blake Griffin – “Griffin Technology (no relation) iPhone cover : comes with two iPhone cases (1 black, 1 white) and a stand.
too bad I don’t own an iPhone, which I stated clearly in their ‘preference setting’ page. I told them I own an Android phone.

2. Nasir Jones aka Nas – The Rumba VanDam Go : this is a watch and a NFC data storage.
You can put your credit card information and things. Perfect if you are jogging or going to gym.
They sent me a small size. There’s no way I will be able to wear this around and not lose blood circulation to my hand. I really like the product, I just wish it fit.

3. Kevin Love – Tapatio (yes the hot sauce)
on the booklet it says “I like it on tacos, pizza, and sandwiches – on pretty much everything. I take a bottle with me everywhere I go, even on road trips during the season”
you gotta be kidding me. I just bought a bottle for 99 cents.

4. Nick Cannon – American Crew Shave Cream and Post Shave Lotion
Finally something I can use! Shave cream is 150mL and Post Shave Lotion is 125mL

5. Tim Lincecum (I dont know this guy at all) – InCase Reflex headphones ($80 at Amazon.com)
This is probably the best deal out of the whole box. I can see other products selling for less than $10, but this one is definitely worth more than $39 monthly subscription fee.
Very cool style  and fits well over my ears. I haven’t checked the quality, but online reviews are pretty good. I kind of like the Olive Green color too.

6. Michael Strahan – the Mangroomer
not much to explain. it’s a simple nose/ear hair trimmer.

7. $20 credit to Uber.com
another useless item for me. It’s a private taxi service in San Francisco.  I might just give this to my friend up in SF.

Final thought,
Well, you get a good deal. just on that headphone only, you get 50% off deal.
I will have to think hard if I want to keep the box or return it (you can’t return just one item, must return whole box. no exchange either)
Even if I return this box, I don’t think I will unsubscribe. I will just wait for a good box that fits me well.
BTW if you return, you get your money back. oh and it’s FREE to return.

If you are interested in signing up, please use this link 🙂

step by step

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Over the last weekend, I got a used table/desk. It’s quite small and simple in design. Nothing but four legs and flat top.

I wanted to get an extra table/desk because the desk I am always on doesn’t have much space to do anything other than stacking trash and using computer. It’s obvious that I won’t be using the new desk (let’s just call it a desk) for studying. (not that I am a bad student, but because I am not in school anymore). Then why the heck did I get myself a desk?

It’s a very first step to push myself to take more photos. How? The desk will be used mostly for organizing, proofing, and archiving my negatives. Negatives, as in processed films.

After graduation last year, I’ve been dying to shoot more film. I missed the developing process of Black and White film. I missed looking through negatives and proofing. I missed nicely cutting my negatives and organizing into the sleeves. I missed all those.

How is this possible now? not anytime before?

1. I didn’t have much free time with my other job. Working on Saturdays really killed me and left me with Sunday to work on my own stuff and rest. Which is just too hard. Now that I have Saturdays open, I can actually go out and shoot.

2. Money was very short. I am still struggling, but I’ve been able to save up few dollars to buy a negative scanner and stock up on films.

(maybe it was unnecessary to number those.. because there are only two)

So, I am very excited. I’ve already took a huge step for one of my personal project (that I cannot tell you about). and I got rolls of films to process, develop, organize, and scan. (most of you wont see these photos ever.. but that’s for another blog post)

Let’s do this.

Dollar Shave Club – Review

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Dollar Shave Club came out with video on March 5th. The video went viral right away, and just after three weeks it has about 3.7 million views.

I jumped on the deal pretty quick after seeing the video and looked into their website for more information. This is how it works.

It is a monthly subscription. DSC will send you razor blades once a month. You get a handle when you first sign up. They offer three different razor blades.

The Humble Twin : 2 stainless steel blades. Aloe Vera strip and pivoting head. 5 cartridges/month (this is the one I got) $1/mo + S&H (tax where applicable)

The 4X : 4 stainless steel blades. Aloe Vera Strip. 90 degree pivoting head.  $6/mo (shipping included) 4 cartridges/month

The Executive : 6 stainless steel baldes. Aloe, Vitamin E, and Lavender Lubricating Strip. $9/mo (shipping included) 3 cartridges per month.

You can change your razor anytime you want (upgrade or downgrade), you can also cancel the subscription anytime you want. They are shipping them out on the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 30th of each month (or the closest weekday after). All shipments are done through USPS and will take about 3-4 days.

Today, I finally got my “The Humble Twin” in the mailbox.

Very simple packaging with their logo stamped on it. I appreciated how they didn’t try to make it fancy or pretty. They knew it would be for a man, and kept the packaging for a man too. Simple and functional.

When opened I was reminded that the DSC wasn’t just a good company who’s giving you a good deal on razors. They are also very funny (as you would’ve noticed on that video)

The handle felt pretty good. Had some weight on it and looked very much alike with Gillette Sensor. With a quick search I found out that it is very similar. You can actually use these $1 blades on the Gillette Sensor handle you might already have.

The welcome card has the “membership card”, which says “Present this membership card at any bar in America fora  free drink.*”

And right below it

*Not really
*Please don’t drink and shave

After a very nice hot shower, I tried shaving with this cheap blades. And for my surprise, they were quite nice. I’ve been using Gillette Mach 3 blades for years now. Whenever I tried different blades, I was never satisfied with the shave I was getting. The Humble Twin, though it only has two blades, was giving me a shave that felt very close to what I was getting from Mach 3 blades. There’s no question about how cheap the blades are, and when the quality was found to be worth more I was very pleased.

I most likely won’t be using up all 5 blades in a month. With Mach 3, I went on for a month without feeling the need to change the blade. IF The Humble Twin’s quality can last as long as Mach 3 did for me, a month of subscription will last me 5 months.

This is my plan with DSC

Next month, I will be upgrading my plan to The 4X then up to The Executive, to try all they can offer. After all three, I think I will decide which one to keep using. After few months of subscription, I am sure I will have enough blades to last a whole year. I will then cancel the subscription and sign-up again when I am done with whatever blades I have left.

So, it really doesn’t matter how often you shave. Either way you are saving tons of money.

If you’ve decided to sign up after reading this, please use my referral link to sign up. Every referral will get me a free month subscription. 🙂


Photo vs Photo : Which shot do you like better?


After a long absence in this blog, I am bringing you a discussion blog. Above, you will see two photos. Both shots are taken at the same location, only about a minute difference between the two shots. Both images were taken at same setting, same camera, same lens.

Nikon D700 + Nikon 60mm f/2.8 Macro + 1/160 + f/4.0 + ISO 200

There were no editing done other than WB adjustment. Only big difference, as you can see, is lighting. I won’t tell what I did differently, but I can tell you that I did not use any artificial lighting source.

So, here is the discussion topic. Please share which photo you like more. A or B? and most importantly, tell us why you like particular shot better.

P.S. this is a ‘discussion’ not a ‘question’ I’m not looking for an ‘answer’ but want to hear how you guys analyze these images and your preferences.

P.P.S. the amazingly delicious looking corn salsa is made by my good friend Veronica. Thanks!




In-N-Out (west) vs Five Guys (East)

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While visiting my cousin in Atlanta, GA, I’ve had a chance to try out the Zagat Rated, very well known, East Coast’s In-N-Out, the Five Guys.

To be honest, I have never heard about them until I ran into an article that put Five Guys burger against In-N-Out, trying to see which is better burger.

Here’s my two-cents, after the jump.


Life After Graduation… so far

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What a crazy live it has been for me, since my last post.

Final, graduation, and now a full time job.

God really has been grateful and given me opportunities beyond what I’ve imagined. Daily, I am being reminded how gracious God is and how grateful I am. It puts me to shame when I look back at those days where I worried and had little faith in God.

Nearing the graduation, like every other graduating seniors, I was wondering what I was going to do after the big glorious day.

I had a plan, a plan that wasn’t that grand. I knew how bad the economy and the field I was getting into. I though I would get a part-time job or an internship at a studio. Meanwhile, I wanted to do explore more art and improve my own vision.

I also had few of projects I wanted to work on. They were all personal and small, but I really wanted to work on them.

At that time, I thought my plan was good. I knew what I was going to do and what I wanted to do.

But apparently, God had bigger and better plan.

My family was getting ready to move during my finals week. My mom wanted to sell some furnitures before. She asked me to start posting some stuff up on Korean online community board. While I was on it, I’ve checked out the ‘job’ section. And one day, I just decided to send in a resume for this one position. I didn’t expect to get the job, not even a call. But the call came in next day.

Same weekend, I had an interview then I got the job on same day.

But His plan didn’t stop there.

The studio I am working right now has two owners. They are partners who ran a photo studio in Koreatown for more than 25 years. The main photographer (also the owner) was injured during a wedding and wasn’t able to take care of the business for three years. While she was gone, other photographers pretty much brought down the studio, loosing all the good reputation it had. Terrible economy didn’t help either. The main photographer couldn’t take it anymore, came back to studio, fired everyone and wanted to start all over.

And she picked me to do it with me.

I thought I would be the bottom feeder.. cleaning the studio, doing all the dirty works, and helping the photographers. But she wanted me to work as photographer, not an assistant.

She’s also quite old.. 60 this year. She briefly mentioned that if I work hard and do well… I might have to take care of the studio by myself.  huge HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, she and I discussed the future of the studio. She shared her desire to reaching out to the non-Korean market… and she needed help.

So we are pretty much starting a new brand/company under the studio we already have. with a purpose to reach out to non-Korean market that she’s been in for 25 years. and I am in charge.

It’s a tall order for me. but also a huge opportunity. I now have the freedom to build a studio with things I want to do.

So, here’s the lesson.

God really wants the best for us… but I doubted God. I came up with my own plan and goals. Which I thought was good.. but for God, He had better things for me.

Don’t ever aim low, don’t ever doubt God. He has His own time and plan. be patient and He will show you what kind of plan He got for you.

seeing is believing..

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for me, seeing was painful.

I saw it with my own eyes.. it was about a month and half ago when I was confirmed by ears. Back then, I accepted the fact and moved on. Well, to be honest, I knew it before but I guess I never wanted to admit it to myself.

I thought I was ok. I’ve talked and thought settled things down. But when I saw it right in front of me, the pain came back.


But now that I saw it.. and slept over it.. I am dealing it much better. Besides, i shouldn’t feel this way about it anyways.

teaching English in Korea


In last few years, number of college graduates going over to Korea (or other Asia countries) to teach English has increased significantly. Good number of my friends and people I know did and are doing it.

It is not bad of a job. You get to visit your mother land (if you are a Korean American), make pretty good money and meet new people. The pay is good. If you are lucky, you might not even have to pay for the housing.

But personally, I just don’t like the idea.

If you were studying to be a teacher (specifically teaching English) in college, this is your dream job. If you are taking the job offers just because you want to make money, I am not sure if it’s that good of a choice in a long run.

One of the reasons that I hear the most for going to Korea is because finding a job right out of college is very hard in United States. I do agree. It is tough. The pressure that my parents would give me for not making any money is just un-thinkable. (more so if you went to an expensive private school) Fear of not getting a ‘good job’ would really make ‘going to Korea, teach English, have fun, and make money’ sounds good.

But what about your career in a long run?

Let’s just say that, you’ve studied business administration in college. As soon as you graduate, you were having hard time finding the ‘right job’. Under the pressure from your parents, you’ve decided to go to Korea. You start with short term contract, let’s say 6 months. You are probably going to love living in Korea. All the good foods, drinking, meeting new people, and money are going to make you want to stay longer. So you go ahead and sign up for 1 year contract. When the contract is over, you are kind of sick of Korea. You want to go back to the states. Once you get here, you realize that finding a job is just as hard as when you left.

But here’s the big difference between you and your classmate who studied the same thing and graduated in same year.

He or She probably found an entry level job or an internship at some company. They either are still working for the same company with good pay, or they got another job with experiences that reflects their majors and jobs that they are trying to apply for.

You are behind in the working field.

Now then your parents start pressuring you, saying, “I heard ‘so and so’ son is now a manager, blah blah blah”

Stay in America, Korea has plenty of legit/good teacher who can teach English. You don’t need to go over there. Don’t hang up so much about making money from the beginning. Start from anywhere you can and work your way up instead.

break time ramble


I just had a quick conversation about being busy at work. The guy who works at a BBQ restaurant right next to where I work and I agree that it’s much better to be busy while we are working.

When I am busy scooping ice cream and greeting customers, time goes by much faster. I get tired much quicker, but the joy of looking up and see the clock pointing end of my shift is just as awesome as watching my essay page number doubles when I Ctrl+A and Ctrl+2.


Why am I single? some people ask. I do have logical reasons for that.

1. I am busy with school

2. I don’t have money/time

3. Because I am still in school, most of the girls I meet are too young.

besides those…

I think I’ve became picky. I easily get turned off by very small things. Just one photo from a FB could mean ‘oh, hell nah’

It’s because I am old. I know exactly what I want from my life and the direction I want to go.

or maybe, i am just being too picky. hahahaha who knows.

All my good friends will say “awww Frank, you will find someone.. just wait” ye, i am just going to wait. but maybe i am just being too picky right now.


above is just random thoughts… free writing/typing if you may.. written whenever I had free time during my shift at Scoops Westside

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