LA Downtown Art Walk Suspended until next year

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If you haven’t heard, Los Angeles Downtown Art Walk is suspended until January 2011. Read all about it at their website,

I am actually glad that this happened.
Before you go crazy on me, let me explain why.

It’s been about an year since I learned about the Downtown Art Walk. When I first participated in the walk, it was just amazing and eye opening experience. So many people in downtown Los Angeles to appreciate Art in many different form and just enjoying it.

But few other times I participated in the walk, I’ve felt that there needed to be some changes to be made.


I am trying

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The semester is rolling by real fast, and I am really scared. I haven’t felt this kind of fear for a while. The fear of not being able to finish this semester with good grades.

Classes are demanding. I should have known. Taking three history classes wasn’t a good idea. There are so much readings and writings to do. So much that I am spending less time doing what I love, taking photos.

Being the president of photo club is definitely a blessing and awesome opportunity. But there are so much things to do and think about. Not to mention, there are expectations to meet. I’ve said this before, but club is like my 6th class this semester.

Today, I vented out some of my frustration to few people. I felt comfortable knowing that there are people cheering for me and believing in me. The support, believe it or not, is always there.

I cannot finish this post without saying that God has been my biggest support. Thank You Lord.

I am trying, I hope you understand.

Legit Photographer


few days ago I asked a question to my online friends via twitter and FB.

“Some says all you need is a camera for someone to become a photographer. Do you agree?”

I had different answers.

Some said ‘no’ since giving a paint and a brush to someone doesn’t make him/her a painter
Some said ‘yes’ since ‘anyone’ can be a photographer

then what about ‘legit photographer’. I am not asking about ‘professional¬†photographer’ .. but just a ‘legit one’. What makes someone a ‘legit’ photographer instead of just photographer?

I mean, technically anyone who captures an image by controlling lights is a ‘photographer’. what do you have to do to consider yourself a ‘legit photographer’?

A degree? experience? expensive gears? passion? talent? skills? what???

hmm ‘passion’ sounds like a good reason… but then again, I watched American Idols and America’s got talent auditions to know that ‘passion’ alone doesn’t make someone ‘legit’

talent? another one that sounds good… but i’ve seen talents gone waste with many reasons

a degree? nope. definitely not

expensive gears? hahahah… all I can do is laugh on this one

experience? well maybe… but not quite

this post is making me wonder.. if I am ‘legit’. Am I good enough to call myself a ‘legit’ photographer? or am I just one of those people who just ‘love’ photography and jump into it without thinking much about it? Am I just a gear lover? who loves collecting gears but doesn’t really care about the images.

What do you think?

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