enemies of diet


As I am getting close to the end of third week of diet, I thought about the enemies of diet. Not in any specific order. Enjoy.

1. My Mom : My mom, who I live in same house with, is probably the worst enemy of my diet. She does complain quite a lot about my weight. Yet, every night she tease me by asking me if I want any late night snacks. She would give me a list of things that are available in fridge and ruin my diet.

2. My home : well, not necessarily inside the home, but where my home is at. As you know, I live in Koreatown. Korean BBQ restaurants, taco stands, taco trucks, other food trucks, cafes, Japanese restaurant, Korean restaurant, Thai Restaurant, and many others. Every day when I drive around, in, and out of my town, I have to fight the temptation. It sucks.

3. Friends : it’s not their fault. but whenever they eat In-n-Out or other foods that I crave right in front of me, I really wish I wasn’t on a diet. Some friends understand and try not to show what they are eating. But then, I feel bad.

4. TV/Internet : When you are on a strict diet, anything looks/sounds delicious and appetizing. TV and Internet is usually filled with food related commercials and images.

5. Everything and Anything : sometimes i become so sensitive about foods that anything can remind me of food, one way or another.

Diet is really tough. Exercise is easy compare to not being able to eat what I want. I am glad that I am on this for four weeks. But I hope I continue to be conscious about what I eat. Low Sodium. Low Fat. Low Sugar.

Beginning of the Last

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Tomorrow, Monday, will be the very first class of my last semester in college as undergrad. Because I don’t have any plan to attend grad school, this semester might be the last semester as a student for me.

I am quite darn excited about it. Over the winter break, I couldn’t stop thinking about this semester. I know it’s going to be full of learning and new experiences. There were other semesters I was excited about, but this one  is special.

As my career as student coming to an end, I’ve noticed myself looking back to earlier college life. When I do, I can remember all the things that I regret about now. But also many great memories.

I wish this semester would be the best of all the semesters I’ve spent in college.

One thing for sure, this semester is going to be the busiest for me. So, if you feel like you are being neglected by me or something like that (which never happens) I am sorry in advance. 🙂

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