Over the last weekend, I got a used table/desk. It’s quite small and simple in design. Nothing but four legs and flat top.

I wanted to get an extra table/desk because the desk I am always on doesn’t have much space to do anything other than stacking trash and using computer. It’s obvious that I won’t be using the new desk (let’s just call it a desk) for studying. (not that I am a bad student, but because I am not in school anymore). Then why the heck did I get myself a desk?

It’s a very first step to push myself to take more photos. How? The desk will be used mostly for organizing, proofing, and archiving my negatives. Negatives, as in processed films.

After graduation last year, I’ve been dying to shoot more film. I missed the developing process of Black and White film. I missed looking through negatives and proofing. I missed nicely cutting my negatives and organizing into the sleeves. I missed all those.

How is this possible now? not anytime before?

1. I didn’t have much free time with my other job. Working on Saturdays really killed me and left me with Sunday to work on my own stuff and rest. Which is just too hard. Now that I have Saturdays open, I can actually go out and shoot.

2. Money was very short. I am still struggling, but I’ve been able to save up few dollars to buy a negative scanner and stock up on films.

(maybe it was unnecessary to number those.. because there are only two)

So, I am very excited. I’ve already took a huge step for one of my personal project (that I cannot tell you about). and I got rolls of films to process, develop, organize, and scan. (most of you wont see these photos ever.. but that’s for another blog post)

Let’s do this.