12Society – Box #2 review



Here it is, long waited box #2.

Seems weird isn’t it? especially compared to the last box. Let’s get down to business shall we?


150,000 long miles


150,000 long miles. 11 long years. and many many memories. My car and I sure went through whole lot since I started driving it.

The corolla was bought ‘new’ by my mom in Feb 2000. Back then I wasn’t so smart about cars, rather I didn’t care much. Seeing a brand new white car seemed so cool. Especially because it was very first car my family bought in America. I still remember the day when I first saw it in the parking lot after I got back from school. It was a cloudy day, might have even rained a little.  When I got home in Glendale, I just noticed a new car. I didn’t think it was my family’s. My mom came out and told me it was.

I didn’t get to drive the car until year 2001 came, when I got my driving permit as minor. Since it was only car that my family had, it was just so precious. Even when I got my license, I wasn’t really driving the car that much. By the time I got into college, and my mom’s work started picking-up, my family purchased another vehicle. That’s when I took over the Corolla.

Since then, me and rolla had many good memories… some bad ones too. either way, we went through so much. I am not sure how many more years I will be with rolla. and the thought makes me sad a little.

I think I should give her a car wash as her birthday gift.

Last post of 2010

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Ok, I know. I failed the project. sigh… I was going to do it after the retreat, but I was jut too tired and lazy to actually do it.

But I want to write this post to write what I think about 2010 with out any much of thoughts.. just whatever comes up to my mind.. impromptu.

I think coming into this year, I was just so excited about school and how much I was getting closer to be done with it. I did have doubts about not doing well at school but the excitement took my fear over. I think most of the classes were not that hard. I was able to pass all of them while taking most number of classes per semester ever.

Photo Club became a big part of my school in the Fall. I almost felt like I was taking 6 classes, when I was really only taking 5. Being the president of a club isn’t really that easy. I had so much paper works, rules, regulations, laws, etc to understand and quickly adopt to. Luckily, I had good friends and an awesome teacher who supported me through out. There are still some stuff that I am not sure about the club. But with just one semester left, I want to do as much as I can to make this club awesome.

Sadly, the work load from school really did some damage in my photography skill. Yes, I was taking photography classes at school. But I am not talking about that kind of skill. I really missed taking photo this year. I feel like I didn’t take enough, and when I did I didn’t like the result. This is something I should be really careful about and constantly remind myself to do. I need to shoot.

2010, as for many others, was a very tough year for my family financially. Some things happened early this year that really pulled our family down. I can truly say that I had huge anger against this one person. and I still think about ‘what if’. But looking back, God was always there for us. Provided us with enough support for us to get by. Many months we’ve paid our rent very late, pushing apartment manger’s patience to the limit. Paying for school was hard. We had to borrow money to cover it, and later pay them back. I do have better hope for 2011. I’m not saying I’ll be rich, but I am looking forward to a more stable situation.

My church went through a big transformation. I am not sure if it’s for better or worse. I still have hard time deciding which is which. The merge was so good, but seeing some people leave church breaks my heart. I want to wait and see. I want to see what God is going to do with us. I know there’s something.

KACMedia is…. well, I love KACMedia. I love the people and the works we do. I thought I was going to stop volunteering this year, but I am still with them. It’s really hard to walk away from a great organization which works so hard for God’s kingdom. visit them if you haven’t. http://www.kacmedia.org

Friends.. I think I’ve made great new friends this year. Not just meeting new people, but people I hung out with and shared great times of my life. I think it’s one of the best gift the God gives me.

I lost count on how many weddings there were this year. I was a groomsman for one of them and an emcee for the other. It’s a big sign of getting old. But I think I enjoy it. I shed some tears at every wedding. It’s so beautiful and happiness just oozes out of it.

woah, i just wrote over 600 words. ok, enough writing.

Thank you all for reading (if you actually did) and I really wish you a Happy New Year.

I will see you around, in this blog.

Reflecting 2010 – Part 6 – June

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Summer break has started… ye.. that’s pretty much it. I didn’t really have any plan other than church retreats.

Here’s Mike Whang, lead singer of The Nehemiah Band. He’s at a studio in Hollywood, laying down some tracks for new TNB cd. I visited him, because I missed him.

I also ran into my other friend Eray, who’s usually in the East coast.

I forgot his name, but he is legit. It’s so cool just watching professional work being done.


June is also the Month of Graduation. This day I was at Hart graduation for Jonathan’s graduation.

The Crew. We yelled out Jonathan’s name so loud that people around us asked for help when their son/daughter’s name were called.

Heartbeat LA! ma friend, Luis, from CSUN got his stuff up on there.

Here’s Luis and his lover Angelica, two awesome photographers I know.

Here’s my friend Julie, who’ve asked me to give her a photography lesson. So I took her to Huntington Library in Pasadena and spent a day teaching her basic stuff.

Here’s my favorite shot of the day. mmm i like

This is how I started my summer. most of the time, I was at KACMedia, or at home.. getting fat.

that’s all

Reflecting 2010 by Month

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For next 12 days, leading up to December 31st, I would like to share how 2010 was for me with some photos and texts.

Every day, I will post one blog, representing each month of the year. They won’t cover EVERYTHING that happened in a month but gives some ideas. This will also help me refresh my memory and reflect on what had happened (many which I won’t share in this blog) this year.

I hope you like it.

p.s. this idea is heavily influenced by my friend Dennis Chung who started ‘story of 2010’ using his FB profile photos.

to start off

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I am making this blog without any promise to keep it updated every week or whatever. I will write whenever I feel like.

But I know you stalkers want me to talk about my private life as often as possible. So I will try my best to satisfy your filthy needs.

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