150,000 long miles


150,000 long miles. 11 long years. and many many memories. My car and I sure went through whole lot since I started driving it.

The corolla was bought ‘new’ by my mom in Feb 2000. Back then I wasn’t so smart about cars, rather I didn’t care much. Seeing a brand new white car seemed so cool. Especially because it was very first car my family bought in America. I still remember the day when I first saw it in the parking lot after I got back from school. It was a cloudy day, might have even rained a little.  When I got home in Glendale, I just noticed a new car. I didn’t think it was my family’s. My mom came out and told me it was.

I didn’t get to drive the car until year 2001 came, when I got my driving permit as minor. Since it was only car that my family had, it was just so precious. Even when I got my license, I wasn’t really driving the car that much. By the time I got into college, and my mom’s work started picking-up, my family purchased another vehicle. That’s when I took over the Corolla.

Since then, me and rolla had many good memories… some bad ones too. either way, we went through so much. I am not sure how many more years I will be with rolla. and the thought makes me sad a little.

I think I should give her a car wash as her birthday gift.

doing vlogs

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As some of you already know, I’ve started a new YouTube channel association with KACMedia.org. If you haven’ t, please check it out http://www.youtube.com/speakfranklee

It’s been about three weeks since I got a camera to go around and film things that are happening around me. The idea of ‘vlogging’ is quite familiar to those who spend good amount of time on YouTube.

I thought it would be very easy to have camera all the time, and film things all the time. But no. It’s very hard. Maybe my daily life is not as exciting as I thought it would be. Or maybe I don’t really want to show everything that’s happening in my life. Either way, I find myself NOT filming as much as I thought I would.

So big props to those who regularly post videos and share their life on the internet with billions of people to watch.

teaching isn’t easy

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This professor for one of my classes this semester cannot teach. Period.

If you are aspiring to be a teacher or a professor, you should know that it really doesn’t matter how much you know, if you don’t know how to deliver those knowledges to students.

The professor, who knows so much about the subject, is not good at that. All she does is just mumbles whatever comes up to her mind. And she mumbles for 2 hours straight.

There is nothing on the board, no slide show, no excitement, no nothing. In 21st century, where many studies have been done about education, how can a professor or a teacher get by with just ‘talking’ about the subject and expect all the students to effectively understand the subject? especially when the subject is generally ‘boring’

so please, learn how to ‘teach’ other than what you already know. spend some time to study how to deliver the ideas and thoughts you have in your head to the students in the class, effectively.

enemies of diet


As I am getting close to the end of third week of diet, I thought about the enemies of diet. Not in any specific order. Enjoy.

1. My Mom : My mom, who I live in same house with, is probably the worst enemy of my diet. She does complain quite a lot about my weight. Yet, every night she tease me by asking me if I want any late night snacks. She would give me a list of things that are available in fridge and ruin my diet.

2. My home : well, not necessarily inside the home, but where my home is at. As you know, I live in Koreatown. Korean BBQ restaurants, taco stands, taco trucks, other food trucks, cafes, Japanese restaurant, Korean restaurant, Thai Restaurant, and many others. Every day when I drive around, in, and out of my town, I have to fight the temptation. It sucks.

3. Friends : it’s not their fault. but whenever they eat In-n-Out or other foods that I crave right in front of me, I really wish I wasn’t on a diet. Some friends understand and try not to show what they are eating. But then, I feel bad.

4. TV/Internet : When you are on a strict diet, anything looks/sounds delicious and appetizing. TV and Internet is usually filled with food related commercials and images.

5. Everything and Anything : sometimes i become so sensitive about foods that anything can remind me of food, one way or another.

Diet is really tough. Exercise is easy compare to not being able to eat what I want. I am glad that I am on this for four weeks. But I hope I continue to be conscious about what I eat. Low Sodium. Low Fat. Low Sugar.

Beginning of the Last

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Tomorrow, Monday, will be the very first class of my last semester in college as undergrad. Because I don’t have any plan to attend grad school, this semester might be the last semester as a student for me.

I am quite darn excited about it. Over the winter break, I couldn’t stop thinking about this semester. I know it’s going to be full of learning and new experiences. There were other semesters I was excited about, but this one  is special.

As my career as student coming to an end, I’ve noticed myself looking back to earlier college life. When I do, I can remember all the things that I regret about now. But also many great memories.

I wish this semester would be the best of all the semesters I’ve spent in college.

One thing for sure, this semester is going to be the busiest for me. So, if you feel like you are being neglected by me or something like that (which never happens) I am sorry in advance. 🙂

Last post of 2010

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Ok, I know. I failed the project. sigh… I was going to do it after the retreat, but I was jut too tired and lazy to actually do it.

But I want to write this post to write what I think about 2010 with out any much of thoughts.. just whatever comes up to my mind.. impromptu.

I think coming into this year, I was just so excited about school and how much I was getting closer to be done with it. I did have doubts about not doing well at school but the excitement took my fear over. I think most of the classes were not that hard. I was able to pass all of them while taking most number of classes per semester ever.

Photo Club became a big part of my school in the Fall. I almost felt like I was taking 6 classes, when I was really only taking 5. Being the president of a club isn’t really that easy. I had so much paper works, rules, regulations, laws, etc to understand and quickly adopt to. Luckily, I had good friends and an awesome teacher who supported me through out. There are still some stuff that I am not sure about the club. But with just one semester left, I want to do as much as I can to make this club awesome.

Sadly, the work load from school really did some damage in my photography skill. Yes, I was taking photography classes at school. But I am not talking about that kind of skill. I really missed taking photo this year. I feel like I didn’t take enough, and when I did I didn’t like the result. This is something I should be really careful about and constantly remind myself to do. I need to shoot.

2010, as for many others, was a very tough year for my family financially. Some things happened early this year that really pulled our family down. I can truly say that I had huge anger against this one person. and I still think about ‘what if’. But looking back, God was always there for us. Provided us with enough support for us to get by. Many months we’ve paid our rent very late, pushing apartment manger’s patience to the limit. Paying for school was hard. We had to borrow money to cover it, and later pay them back. I do have better hope for 2011. I’m not saying I’ll be rich, but I am looking forward to a more stable situation.

My church went through a big transformation. I am not sure if it’s for better or worse. I still have hard time deciding which is which. The merge was so good, but seeing some people leave church breaks my heart. I want to wait and see. I want to see what God is going to do with us. I know there’s something.

KACMedia is…. well, I love KACMedia. I love the people and the works we do. I thought I was going to stop volunteering this year, but I am still with them. It’s really hard to walk away from a great organization which works so hard for God’s kingdom. visit them if you haven’t. http://www.kacmedia.org

Friends.. I think I’ve made great new friends this year. Not just meeting new people, but people I hung out with and shared great times of my life. I think it’s one of the best gift the God gives me.

I lost count on how many weddings there were this year. I was a groomsman for one of them and an emcee for the other. It’s a big sign of getting old. But I think I enjoy it. I shed some tears at every wedding. It’s so beautiful and happiness just oozes out of it.

woah, i just wrote over 600 words. ok, enough writing.

Thank you all for reading (if you actually did) and I really wish you a Happy New Year.

I will see you around, in this blog.

Reflecting 2010 – Part 6 – June

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Summer break has started… ye.. that’s pretty much it. I didn’t really have any plan other than church retreats.

Here’s Mike Whang, lead singer of The Nehemiah Band. He’s at a studio in Hollywood, laying down some tracks for new TNB cd. I visited him, because I missed him.

I also ran into my other friend Eray, who’s usually in the East coast.

I forgot his name, but he is legit. It’s so cool just watching professional work being done.


June is also the Month of Graduation. This day I was at Hart graduation for Jonathan’s graduation.

The Crew. We yelled out Jonathan’s name so loud that people around us asked for help when their son/daughter’s name were called.

Heartbeat LA! ma friend, Luis, from CSUN got his stuff up on there.

Here’s Luis and his lover Angelica, two awesome photographers I know.

Here’s my friend Julie, who’ve asked me to give her a photography lesson. So I took her to Huntington Library in Pasadena and spent a day teaching her basic stuff.

Here’s my favorite shot of the day. mmm i like

This is how I started my summer. most of the time, I was at KACMedia, or at home.. getting fat.

that’s all

Reflecting 2010 – Part 5 – May

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May… may… may… month of Final and excitement for summer break.. Final sure kept me busy, because I only have very few photos to share with you in this post.

Here’s Grace Skinner, who graciously helped me out with final assignment. We were running out of time… but Grace was such a PRO! I got so many nice shots. Than you once again.

Here’s Matt Kang. My friend who’s a well known food blogger in LA also a proud owner of Scoops Westside. He invited me to go to LA Vendy Award, a street food event that started in NY came over to LA for the very first time.

Nina from Nina’s food won the event. Great food from all the participants and I had tons of fun. Props to Matt for introducing me to a great event.

at the end of the month, amazing singer/song writer Esna Yoon. She visited KACMedia for an episode of CMS. It was my pleasure to meet her and listen to her LIVE.

So, the month of May went by fast for me.. finals probably killed me and i was too excited about the summer. I probably wasn’t sure about what I was going to do over the summer but sure I was excited. And you will see what happened over the summer in next few posts. 🙂

Reflecting 2010 – Part 4 – April

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Apparently April was a busy month for me. Starting the month with a gig.

On 3rd, I drove up North to cover Charlotte’s first birthday. The party was so awesome. The parents spent so much effort on decorating and preparing for it. Pink and Orange dominated the whole party.

Sooooo Cute!


We always have great food on Easter Sunday. This year was no exception.

Korean BBQ platter.. just pure awesomeness.


During my spring break, I drove up to Santa Barbara to visit my friends. Though I went to UCSB, I didn’t really check out the campus. Instead, I was visiting cool places in Santa Barbara.

Here’s Jessica with her cool ride. This shot was taken right after a lunch at Freebird, a must go place near UCSB. Their burrito was SO GOOD!


One random day, some of the co-workers and I went to Mr. Pizza. Pizza there is always good. But most amazing thing about this place is Billy.

There he is. His name is NOT Billy but we call him Billy. Because we have a friend name Billy who looks JUST LIKE HIM!


I went to Pepperdine University to cover an event called, “Kepp Hope Alive”. It was a charity concert event to help raise fund for a non-profit group who helps out Asian kids in poverty. Performers were, Jennifer Chung, TNB, Clara Chung, and YouTube star Gabe Bondoc.

Girls were going crazy over this guy. If you listen to his song on YouTube, you will know why.


So, my friend Billy is a movie director. I am not going to tell you who he is in this picture. Just look at the previous photo from Mr. Pizza and guess who he is. Anyways, Billy was shooting a movie and asked if I could take pictures for her production. I said sure.

The first day of shoot went until late night. And yes, my friends James and Susan are in the pool… freezing


Here’s Robert Ryu, a model, actor, dancer, and great guy all together. He came up to Northridge to help me out with an assignment.

He pulled off some crazy poses and professor loved the shots I took. Thanks Rob!


Here’s CSUN Photo Club exhibition “BARE” Big props to Rick Yirbe, the formal president of the club who organized this amazing exhibition. I believe this was the very first exhibition I was ever part of.


Random Sunday… Jason, Hannah, Stephen and I went to check out the California Poppy Fields. It was so fun! I just couldn’t believe my eyes because there were so many of them! Beautiful.

and of course, we took silly photos. 🙂

That’s about it for April. By end of April, I was getting ready for finals I think. Maybe not. I am not sure.

Reflecting 2010 – Part 3 – March

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Here’s March. By now, I was pretty settled in with the new classes.. wait was I already settled in February? hmm can’t remember…

again, here are the photos from March

On March 4th, there was WalkOut at CSUN, raising awareness on California budget cut for education. One of my photography class took it as an opportunity to go out and document the event with camera.

It was a very emotional event. Many students gathered and walked around campus and near by streets. Police were called to make sure no one was in danger and so forth. Later that day though, people were injured and some got arrested.

Yes, stop the budget cuts. Please.

Then on March 6th, I’ve helped out with Kollaboration. Kollaboration is a non-profit event who organizes a talent show. It has become a big event in LA over last 10 years. Now it’s happening in major cities all over the US. It was so fun just being part of the team. I’ve met so many great people through this opportunity. I would love to help out again next year.

The show itself was so cool. Clara Chung won the whole thing! After party was cool too, but was too short.


On the 13th, I had an engagement shoot with Anthony and Sylvia. They actually picked locations for me to take photos. Getty Center and UCLA (where Anthony graduated from). It was a long day shooting at two different location. But I was so excited for them and pictures came out so nicely! (Big helps from A&S for being such hot models)

They figured out the wardrobe and everything already! So easy for me. 🙂


This is a photo I took at New Song Irvine church. Those six guys are the members of The Nehemiah Band (now down to 5) They were performing for 1040 movie screening. 1040 movie is a documentary made by Pastor Jaeson Ma, who visited countries in Asia and documented the revival movement in East side. TNB rocked it. I am glad I know them.


This is a shot from a wedding gig. Jonghyun and Chansook got married on March 27th. It was a small wedding but I had tons of fun taking pictures of them. Not to mention amazing wedding food! muhaha i am a pig

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