seeing is believing..

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for me, seeing was painful.

I saw it with my own eyes.. it was about a month and half ago when I was confirmed by ears. Back then, I accepted the fact and moved on. Well, to be honest, I knew it before but I guess I never wanted to admit it to myself.

I thought I was ok. I’ve talked and thought settled things down. But when I saw it right in front of me, the pain came back.


But now that I saw it.. and slept over it.. I am dealing it much better. Besides, i shouldn’t feel this way about it anyways.

teaching English in Korea


In last few years, number of college graduates going over to Korea (or other Asia countries) to teach English has increased significantly. Good number of my friends and people I know did and are doing it.

It is not bad of a job. You get to visit your mother land (if you are a Korean American), make pretty good money and meet new people. The pay is good. If you are lucky, you might not even have to pay for the housing.

But personally, I just don’t like the idea.

If you were studying to be a teacher (specifically teaching English) in college, this is your dream job. If you are taking the job offers just because you want to make money, I am not sure if it’s that good of a choice in a long run.

One of the reasons that I hear the most for going to Korea is because finding a job right out of college is very hard in United States. I do agree. It is tough. The pressure that my parents would give me for not making any money is just un-thinkable. (more so if you went to an expensive private school) Fear of not getting a ‘good job’ would really make ‘going to Korea, teach English, have fun, and make money’ sounds good.

But what about your career in a long run?

Let’s just say that, you’ve studied business administration in college. As soon as you graduate, you were having hard time finding the ‘right job’. Under the pressure from your parents, you’ve decided to go to Korea. You start with short term contract, let’s say 6 months. You are probably going to love living in Korea. All the good foods, drinking, meeting new people, and money are going to make you want to stay longer. So you go ahead and sign up for 1 year contract. When the contract is over, you are kind of sick of Korea. You want to go back to the states. Once you get here, you realize that finding a job is just as hard as when you left.

But here’s the big difference between you and your classmate who studied the same thing and graduated in same year.

He or She probably found an entry level job or an internship at some company. They either are still working for the same company with good pay, or they got another job with experiences that reflects their majors and jobs that they are trying to apply for.

You are behind in the working field.

Now then your parents start pressuring you, saying, “I heard ‘so and so’ son is now a manager, blah blah blah”

Stay in America, Korea has plenty of legit/good teacher who can teach English. You don’t need to go over there. Don’t hang up so much about making money from the beginning. Start from anywhere you can and work your way up instead.

break time ramble


I just had a quick conversation about being busy at work. The guy who works at a BBQ restaurant right next to where I work and I agree that it’s much better to be busy while we are working.

When I am busy scooping ice cream and greeting customers, time goes by much faster. I get tired much quicker, but the joy of looking up and see the clock pointing end of my shift is just as awesome as watching my essay page number doubles when I Ctrl+A and Ctrl+2.


Why am I single? some people ask. I do have logical reasons for that.

1. I am busy with school

2. I don’t have money/time

3. Because I am still in school, most of the girls I meet are too young.

besides those…

I think I’ve became picky. I easily get turned off by very small things. Just one photo from a FB could mean ‘oh, hell nah’

It’s because I am old. I know exactly what I want from my life and the direction I want to go.

or maybe, i am just being too picky. hahahaha who knows.

All my good friends will say “awww Frank, you will find someone.. just wait” ye, i am just going to wait. but maybe i am just being too picky right now.


above is just random thoughts… free writing/typing if you may.. written whenever I had free time during my shift at Scoops Westside

150,000 long miles


150,000 long miles. 11 long years. and many many memories. My car and I sure went through whole lot since I started driving it.

The corolla was bought ‘new’ by my mom in Feb 2000. Back then I wasn’t so smart about cars, rather I didn’t care much. Seeing a brand new white car seemed so cool. Especially because it was very first car my family bought in America. I still remember the day when I first saw it in the parking lot after I got back from school. It was a cloudy day, might have even rained a little.  When I got home in Glendale, I just noticed a new car. I didn’t think it was my family’s. My mom came out and told me it was.

I didn’t get to drive the car until year 2001 came, when I got my driving permit as minor. Since it was only car that my family had, it was just so precious. Even when I got my license, I wasn’t really driving the car that much. By the time I got into college, and my mom’s work started picking-up, my family purchased another vehicle. That’s when I took over the Corolla.

Since then, me and rolla had many good memories… some bad ones too. either way, we went through so much. I am not sure how many more years I will be with rolla. and the thought makes me sad a little.

I think I should give her a car wash as her birthday gift.

doing vlogs

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As some of you already know, I’ve started a new YouTube channel association with If you haven’ t, please check it out

It’s been about three weeks since I got a camera to go around and film things that are happening around me. The idea of ‘vlogging’ is quite familiar to those who spend good amount of time on YouTube.

I thought it would be very easy to have camera all the time, and film things all the time. But no. It’s very hard. Maybe my daily life is not as exciting as I thought it would be. Or maybe I don’t really want to show everything that’s happening in my life. Either way, I find myself NOT filming as much as I thought I would.

So big props to those who regularly post videos and share their life on the internet with billions of people to watch.

teaching isn’t easy

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This professor for one of my classes this semester cannot teach. Period.

If you are aspiring to be a teacher or a professor, you should know that it really doesn’t matter how much you know, if you don’t know how to deliver those knowledges to students.

The professor, who knows so much about the subject, is not good at that. All she does is just mumbles whatever comes up to her mind. And she mumbles for 2 hours straight.

There is nothing on the board, no slide show, no excitement, no nothing. In 21st century, where many studies have been done about education, how can a professor or a teacher get by with just ‘talking’ about the subject and expect all the students to effectively understand the subject? especially when the subject is generally ‘boring’

so please, learn how to ‘teach’ other than what you already know. spend some time to study how to deliver the ideas and thoughts you have in your head to the students in the class, effectively.

enemies of diet


As I am getting close to the end of third week of diet, I thought about the enemies of diet. Not in any specific order. Enjoy.

1. My Mom : My mom, who I live in same house with, is probably the worst enemy of my diet. She does complain quite a lot about my weight. Yet, every night she tease me by asking me if I want any late night snacks. She would give me a list of things that are available in fridge and ruin my diet.

2. My home : well, not necessarily inside the home, but where my home is at. As you know, I live in Koreatown. Korean BBQ restaurants, taco stands, taco trucks, other food trucks, cafes, Japanese restaurant, Korean restaurant, Thai Restaurant, and many others. Every day when I drive around, in, and out of my town, I have to fight the temptation. It sucks.

3. Friends : it’s not their fault. but whenever they eat In-n-Out or other foods that I crave right in front of me, I really wish I wasn’t on a diet. Some friends understand and try not to show what they are eating. But then, I feel bad.

4. TV/Internet : When you are on a strict diet, anything looks/sounds delicious and appetizing. TV and Internet is usually filled with food related commercials and images.

5. Everything and Anything : sometimes i become so sensitive about foods that anything can remind me of food, one way or another.

Diet is really tough. Exercise is easy compare to not being able to eat what I want. I am glad that I am on this for four weeks. But I hope I continue to be conscious about what I eat. Low Sodium. Low Fat. Low Sugar.

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