Dollar Shave Club came out with video on March 5th. The video went viral right away, and just after three weeks it has about 3.7 million views.

I jumped on the deal pretty quick after seeing the video and looked into their website for more information. This is how it works.

It is a monthly subscription. DSC will send you razor blades once a month. You get a handle when you first sign up. They offer three different razor blades.

The Humble Twin : 2 stainless steel blades. Aloe Vera strip and pivoting head. 5 cartridges/month (this is the one I got) $1/mo + S&H (tax where applicable)

The 4X : 4 stainless steel blades. Aloe Vera Strip. 90 degree pivoting head.  $6/mo (shipping included) 4 cartridges/month

The Executive : 6 stainless steel baldes. Aloe, Vitamin E, and Lavender Lubricating Strip. $9/mo (shipping included) 3 cartridges per month.

You can change your razor anytime you want (upgrade or downgrade), you can also cancel the subscription anytime you want. They are shipping them out on the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 30th of each month (or the closest weekday after). All shipments are done through USPS and will take about 3-4 days.

Today, I finally got my “The Humble Twin” in the mailbox.

Very simple packaging with their logo stamped on it. I appreciated how they didn’t try to make it fancy or pretty. They knew it would be for a man, and kept the packaging for a man too. Simple and functional.

When opened I was reminded that the DSC wasn’t just a good company who’s giving you a good deal on razors. They are also very funny (as you would’ve noticed on that video)

The handle felt pretty good. Had some weight on it and looked very much alike with Gillette Sensor. With a quick search I found out that it is very similar. You can actually use these $1 blades on the Gillette Sensor handle you might already have.

The welcome card has the “membership card”, which says “Present this membership card at any bar in America fora  free drink.*”

And right below it

*Not really
*Please don’t drink and shave

After a very nice hot shower, I tried shaving with this cheap blades. And for my surprise, they were quite nice. I’ve been using Gillette Mach 3 blades for years now. Whenever I tried different blades, I was never satisfied with the shave I was getting. The Humble Twin, though it only has two blades, was giving me a shave that felt very close to what I was getting from Mach 3 blades. There’s no question about how cheap the blades are, and when the quality was found to be worth more I was very pleased.

I most likely won’t be using up all 5 blades in a month. With Mach 3, I went on for a month without feeling the need to change the blade. IF The Humble Twin’s quality can last as long as Mach 3 did for me, a month of subscription will last me 5 months.

This is my plan with DSC

Next month, I will be upgrading my plan to The 4X then up to The Executive, to try all they can offer. After all three, I think I will decide which one to keep using. After few months of subscription, I am sure I will have enough blades to last a whole year. I will then cancel the subscription and sign-up again when I am done with whatever blades I have left.

So, it really doesn’t matter how often you shave. Either way you are saving tons of money.

If you’ve decided to sign up after reading this, please use my referral link to sign up. Every referral will get me a free month subscription. 🙂