Subscription based deals are getting pretty popular even for guys. 12 Society puts an extra touch with celebrity power, guys we might actually like. Here’s a quick review of the very first box from 12 Society

12 Society is a Lifestyle subscription which brings cool items selected by sports/entertainment celebrity picked themselves.

 The box looks simple and sleek. Big bold branding right on top of the box made sure to let people know where it was coming from.

As soon as you open the box, you are greeted with this. It starts with a welcome message and rest covered with each celebrity’s photo and their choice of product.

As you remove the black paper, the goodies pop out.

And here they are.

1. Blake Griffin – “Griffin Technology (no relation) iPhone cover : comes with two iPhone cases (1 black, 1 white) and a stand.
too bad I don’t own an iPhone, which I stated clearly in their ‘preference setting’ page. I told them I own an Android phone.

2. Nasir Jones aka Nas – The Rumba VanDam Go : this is a watch and a NFC data storage.
You can put your credit card information and things. Perfect if you are jogging or going to gym.
They sent me a small size. There’s no way I will be able to wear this around and not lose blood circulation to my hand. I really like the product, I just wish it fit.

3. Kevin Love – Tapatio (yes the hot sauce)
on the booklet it says “I like it on tacos, pizza, and sandwiches – on pretty much everything. I take a bottle with me everywhere I go, even on road trips during the season”
you gotta be kidding me. I just bought a bottle for 99 cents.

4. Nick Cannon – American Crew Shave Cream and Post Shave Lotion
Finally something I can use! Shave cream is 150mL and Post Shave Lotion is 125mL

5. Tim Lincecum (I dont know this guy at all) – InCase Reflex headphones ($80 at
This is probably the best deal out of the whole box. I can see other products selling for less than $10, but this one is definitely worth more than $39 monthly subscription fee.
Very cool style  and fits well over my ears. I haven’t checked the quality, but online reviews are pretty good. I kind of like the Olive Green color too.

6. Michael Strahan – the Mangroomer
not much to explain. it’s a simple nose/ear hair trimmer.

7. $20 credit to
another useless item for me. It’s a private taxi service in San Francisco.  I might just give this to my friend up in SF.

Final thought,
Well, you get a good deal. just on that headphone only, you get 50% off deal.
I will have to think hard if I want to keep the box or return it (you can’t return just one item, must return whole box. no exchange either)
Even if I return this box, I don’t think I will unsubscribe. I will just wait for a good box that fits me well.
BTW if you return, you get your money back. oh and it’s FREE to return.

If you are interested in signing up, please use this link 🙂